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Have you sat with your sheep today  ?
Great therapy for those not so good days ..!
These gentle ,inquisitive and playful sheep are truly like a
puppy dog in fleece. Their smallish size makes them very
easy to handle and they enjoy the primping and attention.
Very healthy -easy keepers -great moms !
  1. 2017 & 2016 lambs, ewe &wethers SOLD
    2017 & 2016 lambs, ewe &wethers SOLD
    I hope to be moving within the next yr and have kept only 2 ewes.
  2. For Sale
    For Sale
    Fleece, Rovings, Yarn and More PLEASE VISIT MY ETSY STORE
  3. Otto    SOLD
    Otto SOLD
    This is our newest addition. He is a 95.3 Gotland ram and his home is at 'High Hill Gotlands'
  4. SOLD
    Astas triplet ewes 5/5/2017 about 5lbs at lambing 88.15%
  5. SOLD
    Enyas' twin ewes 5/5/2017 7lbs & 8lbs 89.65%
  6. Abram 100 % New Zealand Gotland Ram
    Abram 100 % New Zealand Gotland Ram
    Abram is SOLD - 2017

News and updates     2018

 In preparation for moving this year I am selling most of my flock that consists of 9 wethers and 5 ewe lambs from last spring, may also let some of my production ewes go.
Lambs will be sold sarting at 8-9 mos of age (Dec - Jan).   *New addition of a 100% NZ Gotland ram.
Please see page 2 under the MORE tab for pictures of available lambs for 2018  I also have 1 foundation ewe left -she is 5yrs old and a triplet producer .
The wethers are awsome for those who want perfect fleece for your own spinning - their fleeces are very clean with next to NO lanolin, and all are extremely friendly very good boysPlease click on the 'more' tab to see sheep for sale .
This past yr has been a very busy sales year - I have sold approximately half of my flock in preparation for moving to a smaller holding some distance north of here -closer to my daughter-hopefuly this yr.  Wool sales have been great and I would like to thank all the patrons of my ETSY shop who have supported these sales.
I am hoping to get to some fiber shows this yr if I can and will let you know if that happens and where I will be.